June 21, 2024

I’m a Softie for LORAC’s private affair palette

For Christmas last year my little brother got our mother a Snuggie (“as seen on TV!”).

What’s a Snuggie? Well, if you’ve seen the late-night commercials, it’s the world well-known blanket with sleeves (kinda looks like a reverse wizard’s cape), and my mum thinks it’s cooler than a young Paul McCartney in butt-hugger pants.


I talked a lot of crap about ’em until the day I tried one on…

DANG, they’re incredibly comfortable and soft.

Which reminds me of another “so soft!” moment I’ve had recently, this one with LORAC’s private affair palette ($38).


Суичър за котки и грим ??

$ 42

Пазарувай сега

It had been a while because I’d used one of the company’s powder shadows (not the baked ones) from their regular line, and private Affair’s six shades refreshed my memory. There’s one thing I think LORAC’s always done well, and that’s make smooth eyeshadows.

I mean, if these were any smoother, I’d heat ’em in the microwave and pour ’em on pancakes.

Mmm… pancakes.

Unfortunately, they’re also a little fragile. The other day I unintentionally pushed a brush head too hard into the gray pan and took a big chunk out of it (oops!); they’re THAT soft (and consequently easy to blend).

Joining the six shimmery pigmented shadows in plum, beige, pink, bronze, gray, and blackish plum, private affair also comes with a tiny tube of Behind the Scenes Eye primer and a dual-tipped brush tucked in a drawer, secret squirrel-style.

NOTE: The brush that comes with private affair is identical to the one that comes with LORAC’s close Up Eye Tutorial Kit, and, um, remember how that one broke? I saved myself the time and heartache and ditched this one immediately.

Private Affair’s shadows lean toward the cool end of the color spectrum, and several have reddish purple undertones, which I tend to have trouble wearing (they can make me look like I’ve been crying). I think if you have a cooler skin tone than I do, you might like these a lot.

TIP: how do you tell if you’re cool toned or warm? It’s based on the undertone of your skin. If the veins on the underside of your arm appear bluish, you’re cool toned (and probably wear pink-based foundation); if they appear greenish, you’re warm (and probably wear yellow-based foundation).

What do you think of the synthetic croc case? Cute, right? stylish and elegant? I think so too, but I’d like to give it a few tweaks because…

The lid won’t stay open and shuts when I don’t want it to; I have to hold the palette open each time I want to dip my brush into a pan… Yep, it’s annoying.

The satiny inner liner is challenging to clean and gets messy.

It’s a little bulky and takes up too much space in my travel makeup bag.

All things considered, I like the private affair palette, but I love the close Up Eye Tutorial kit. For about the same amount of money, close Up just feels much more versatile to me. It comes with four fundamental makeup products (a liquid eyeliner, neutral eyeshadow trio, eye primer and mascara), and I see myself using them a little more. makeup and charm blog Rating: B

You might like the LORAC private affair palette if…

Your eyes POP when you wear plum and red wine shadows

You don’t mind big and bulky palettes

You soft, blendable textures

You like shimmery shadows

It’s Friday Eve, WOOT!


I cannot believe it’s practically Friday. I feel like my bum was surgically attached to my computer chair this week, but tonight I’m having it relocated to the couch. jersey Shore, anyone?

Вашият приятелски настроен чар за съседство,


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